Law Biriyani 4 – Why was Walter James McDonald Redwood in the news recently?

Law_BiriyaniWelcome once again, to Law Biriyani, the fortnightly law quiz on We have done this thrice before and you can browse the questions, answers, and the identities of the previous winners here. As usual, the first person to answer all six questions in the comments will receive a discount of Rs. 8000/- on any course or certification they want to do on The quiz will be open up to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, October 29. Make sure you leave your email address along with your answers.

Q1. A Division Bench of the Delhi High Court comprising Justices B.D. Ahmed and Vibhu Bakhru, recently delivered a judgment which said that the jurisdiction over trademark and copyright cases would vest with the courts in cities where the buyer in an online transaction lives. A Delaware-based plaintiff had instituted the case before the High Court, claiming infringement of a host of intellectual property rights by a Mumbai-based entity called Reshma Collection. Name the plaintiff.

Q2. Identify this logo, which was in the news recently.


Q 3. This country has been governed under an interim constitution since 2007. It was drafted to manage the country’s transition from a unitary, constitutional monarchy to a federal republic and had put in place a constituent assembly to draft a permanent constitution. After continuous postponement, January 22, 2015 was recently set as the new deadline for coming up with the first draft of the constitution. Which country?

Q 4. Walter James McDonald Redwood, a Plymouth Brethren missionary priest in Bangalore, solemnised many local marriages during his time, mistakenly believing that he was authorised to do so. The Bangalore Marriages Validating Act, 1934 was introduced to validate those marriages. Why was this law, among other laws, in the news recently?

Flag-map_of_Sierra_LeoneQ 5. In August of this year, Sierra Leone, in an apparent bid to salvage a crisis, passed a law that would impose a (maximum) two-year term of imprisonment to anyone who harboured persons afflicted with a certain condition. What condition?

Q 6. Companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, among many others, employ a tax-avoidance strategy, whose name may sound (to the layperson) like a combination of food and drink from two countries. What is the name of this strategy?

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