Answers to Law Biriyani 4 – Why was Walter James McDonald Redwood in the news?

Nanditha_Komaravolu_Winner_LawBiriyani4Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the fourth Law Biriyani, our fortnightly law quiz. Between 10 am yesterday and 11 am today, we received many entries where all the answers to our six questions were correct. The first person to correctly answer all six questions was Nanditha Komaravolu, a student in her fourth year at Mumbai University, who can now enrol for courses or certifications worth Rs. 8000/- on Ms. Komaravolu is on a mission to visit all the countries in the world and wants to work for the United Nations soon.

A1. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) had filed a case against Reshma Collection before the Delhi High Court, which declined to accept jurisdiction.

A2A2. The GoodWeave label of GoodWeave International (formerly known as Rugmark) is a network of non-profit organisations dedicated to ending illegal child labour in the rug making industry. Founded in 1994 by children’s rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, it provides a certification program that allows companies that pass inspection to attach a logo certifying that their product is made without child labour.

A3. Nepal

A4. The Bangalore Marriages Validating Act, 1934 is one of the several laws that, according to the Union Law Minister of India, will be repealed because it was archaic and obsolete.

A5. A person who has contracted the Ebola virus. Sierra Leone at the time was one of the hardest hit by the epidemic, with 374 deaths and 907 cases since the outbreak began. “A maximum of two years jail term will be imposed on anyone caught hiding somebody who is believed to be infected with the deadly Ebola disease,” Attorney General Frank Kargbo said after introducing the bill into parliament.

A6. Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich, a tax avoidance technique employed by certain large corporations, involving the use of a combination of Irish and Dutch subsidiary companies to shift profits to low or no tax jurisdictions. Ireland, acting under pressure from America, the European Commission, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, has announced plans to close the country’s biggest loophole, the “Double Irish”. From next January, all new Irish-domiciled firms will also have to be tax-resident there. Meanwhile, companies already registered in Ireland are being given six years to alter their accounting structures.

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