Mooting Skills for Law Students



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Acquire the necessary skills to participate and excel in domestic and international moot court competitions. This course will prepare you to work in teams and compete against others with a step-by-step approach to reading moot problems, researching with purpose, drafting written submissions, and preparing for oral arguments. It also features practical wisdom from experienced mooters Bhabna Das (NLSIU, 2010) and Uday Joshi (NUJS, 2010).

What you will learn?

  • Understand how to decide whether to moot
  • Learn how to read and decipher a moot problem
  • Learn how to conduct preliminary research on a moot problem
  • Learn how to conduct focused research for constructing arguments
  • Learn how to construct arguments
  • Understand the basic structure and style of moot memorials
  • Learn how to draft a memorial
  • Learn how to prepare for the oral rounds of a moot
  • Understand how to respond to questions from judges

What do you need?

  • This course is generally recommended for junior law students
  • Other than that, a standard Internet/data connection along with a computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet is enough to get you started!

Exam and certification

There is no need to specifically test with an exam, your ability to participate in moot court competitions. You will know you have performed well in this course when you actually do well at a competition!




  • 1. Why moot Part 1

  • 2. Why moot Part 2

  • 3. Reading and Researching a Moot Problem Part 1

  • 4. Reading and Researching a Moot Problem Part 2

  • 5. Written Submissions - 1 (Part I)

  • 6. Written Submissions - 1 (Part II)

  • 7. Written Submissions - 2 (Part I)

  • 8. Written Submissions - 2 (Part II)

  • 9. Oral Rounds Part 1

  • 10. Oral Rounds Part 2

  • 11. Oral Rounds Part 3


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