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The myLaw online learning platform was founded with the mission to make quality legal education accessible to law students & young legal professionals. In addition, we felt the need for an accessible repository of Indian legal history through interviews with leading lawyers and documentaries on important events (currently accessible on https://www.youtube.com/c/myLawnetIndia).

After experimenting with multiple content & delivery models to try and reach the largest audience possible, we realised that affordability was the single most important factor for scale – the Indian legal education ecosystem is spread out with over 1500 law schools, over 400,000 law students and over 60,000 yearly graduates. Accordingly, we shifted myLaw to a successful low-cost subscription model with the following metrics:

  • Students from over 300 Indian law schools have taken a course on myLaw
  • Over 50% organic completion rate
  • ARPL ~ Rs. 1000 to ensure ease of access
  • Learners from over 100 countries have taken courses on myLaw

We realise that this is just the start – making a difference to the bottom many and taking myLaw to tens of thousands of law students is an immense challenge but one that we are committed to.

If you have any ideas or suggestions with respect to myLaw do write to us at learn@mylaw.net.

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