Fundamentals of Company Law


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  • 5+ learning hours of content suited for self learning
  • Watch practical learning videos created by experts
  • Benefit from an adaptive virtual classroom environment
  • Sharpen your skills with application-based exercises
  • Get certified at nominal cost


Benefit from a conceptual and practical knowledge base in company law and regulation in India, especially under The Companies Act, 2013. A clear understanding of the fundamentals of company law is critical for anyone who is looking to understand corporate and economic laws and regulations in India.

What you will learn?

  • Different kind of corporate entities that are permitted to be set up
  • Company incorporation and rules and procedures for running a company
  • Manner of raising funds and roles and responsibilities of directors
  • Rights and obligations of shareholders and other stakeholders including employees and creditors
  • Winding up of a company and its procedures

What do you need?

  • A basic understanding of contract law would be beneficial for any learner seeking to take this course
  • This course would be generally recommended for junior law students and young legal professionals
  • Other than that, a standard Internet/data connection along with a computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet is enough to get you started!

Exam and certification

In addition to unit wise practice exercises, this course offers a Course Completion Test (CCT). To qualify for the CCT, a learner has to complete more than 90% of the course. The CCT is conducted online to provide maximum flexibility to the learner. Based on the results of the CCT, a learner will be given a certificate, which is recognised by various employers in the legal industry.



  • 1. Introduction to Company Law

  • 2. Incorporating a Company

  • 3. Raising Capital for a Company

  • 4. Understanding the Rights of Shareholders-I

  • 5. Understanding the Rights of Shareholders-II

  • 6. Managing a Company-I

  • 7. Managing a Company-II

  • 8. Making Investments or Granting Loans

  • 9. Understanding Audit, Record, and Reporting Requirements

  • 10. Winding Up of a Company


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