Law Biriyani 5 – Which expression first appeared in a case in US v. $4,255,625.39 (1982)?

Law_BiriyaniWelcome a fifth time to Law Biriyani, the fortnightly offering of spice and flavour on Browse the previous sets of questions, answers, and winners here. As usual, the first person to answer all six questions in the comments will receive a discount of Rs. 8000/- on any course or certification they want to do on The quiz will be open up to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, November 12. Make sure you leave your email address along with your answers.

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Q1. According to data from Amnesty International in 2013, China tops this list illustrated below. What list?


Q2. The origin of the term is attributed to the mafia owning a particular type of business. Initially observed in newspapers reporting the Watergate scandal in the United States in 1973, the expression first appeared in a judicial or legal context in 1982 in America in the case of United States v $4,255,625.39 (1982) 551 F Supp.314. The term is a process which broadly involves three steps (1) Placement; (2) Layering; and (3) Integration. What term?

GhonchehGhavamiQ3. Ghoncheh Ghavami (left), a law graduate from London, was arrested in June in a country for a reason that police officials have described as being “not yet in the public interest” and “to protect them from lewd behaviour among males”. She recently has been sentenced to one year in jail by a local court. What did Ghoncheh Ghavami do to result in her conviction?

Q4. Very recently, a series of government orders and rulings initiated by certain religious councils in Malaysia, have reserved the usage of the Malay word for god to a specific community and people from other communities are banned from using this word. What is the word and which community can use it?

Q5TalkingOfJusticeQ5. The author of this recently-released book (right) had an eminent career in law spanning fifty years – as a lawyer, judge, and chief justice. She was also the first woman to top the Bar examinations in London. Identify the author of this book, whose autobiography is called On Balance.

Q6. Indira Devi Kunjamma recently sent out a legal notice to the director of a movie that was set to release on the November 7, 2014. Indira who is the granddaughter of the famous personality on whom the movie is based, has asked the director to stop the release of the film on the grounds that her grandfather has been portrayed in an ‘erotic’ and ‘playboy’ manner. Who is Indira Devi Kunjamma’s grandfather and what is the name of the movie?


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