Law Biriyani 3 – What connects the King of Bahrain, Assange, Senussi, and Tymoshenko

Law_BiriyaniGet ready once again, for Law Biriyani, our fortnightly quiz. The first person to answer all six questions in the comments will receive a discount of Rs. 8000/- on any course or certification they want to do on The quiz will be open up to 11 a.m. on Thursday, October 9. Make sure you leave your email address along with your answers.

Q 1. Connect the following persons to another personality who has been in the news recently.


Images courtesy GulfNews, Reuters, Wikimedia Commons, and The Guardian respectively.

Q 2. Fill in the blanks to indicate who comes next in the following list.

A.S. Pachapure, A.T. Munoli, B.M. Mallikarjuaniah, M.S. Balakrishna, and  ____________________?

Q 3. The Economist estimates that this foundation is even larger than the Gates Foundation, which has USD 37 billion in its coffers.

The money however, isn’t trapped inside this foundation. The trademark and concept is owned by another private company, Inter ___ Systems. So just to operate the stores and use the brand name, the nonprofit has to pay each year, royalty payments that make their way back to the brand’s founder and his family. Which famous group follows this corporate structure in order to reduce tax payments?


Q 4. A certain item has become a symbol for a particular movement after tens of thousands of people recently used the item to shield themselves from pepper spray and tear gas fired at them. Social media immediately named the movement with reference to this item. What item are we talking about? What is the name of the movement?

Q 5. Héctor Varela recently received special permission from the authorities in the south Argentinian region of Rio Grande (Patagonia) to name his son after arguably the most famous export of another city, Rosario.

Government officials in Rosario however, on hearing this were less than pleased and put an end to the idea going forward, saying it will cause confusion to have a last name become a first name. To that end, the city of Rosario has decided to nip any potential trend in the bud by passing a law that prohibits use of “________” as a first name.

Either fill in the blank or tell us what the law prohibits.

Q 6. In 2005, a famous Hollywood actor who has acted in a movie that has been officially remade in Hindi, bought an ultrasound machine to monitor the progress of his unborn child. Unhappy with the development, doctors pushed for a law that would prevent those not in the medical profession from buying diagnostic ultrasound gadgets for fear of misuse. The California Assembly in 2006 overwhelmingly passed bill AB2360 that would bar the purchase of ultrasound machines by private parties. The bill garnered a lot of attention as it was nicknamed after this actor.

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