Law Biriyani 1 – Meghnad Saha’s suggestion, a TNCA decision, Toho’s copyright and more

Law_BiriyaniStarting today, this fortnightly column of quiz questions will serve you fresh and spicy biriyani from the legal world. The first person to answer all six questions in the comments will receive a discount of Rs. 8000/- on any course or certification they want to do on The quiz will be open up to 10 am on Thursday, September 11. Make sure you leave your email address along with your answers.

Q 1. Meghnad Saha, a physicist and a Fellow of the Royal Society, who had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics close to four times, was inspired by the Bolshevik revolution and believed that society should be organised on the basis of the scientific method. In 1938, Meghnad Saha met Subhash Chandra Bose, the then elected President of the Indian National Congress and suggested that an entity be established to further his vision of development.


Pursuant to that, Sir M. Visvesvaraya, the famous statesman and great engineer from Karnataka was elected to a committee established for that purpose. Getting to know of the appointment however, Meghnad Saha approached the great engineer and requested him to step down as he believed that to effectively discharge these duties, there was a need for reciprocity between science and politics. Sir M Visvesvaraya generously agreed and Jawaharlal Nehru was made the head of this committee. This is the short history behind the setting up of what?

Q 2. What recent legislation came out as result of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association’s decision that affected Justice D. Hariparanthaman, Judge, Madras High Court, who had come to preside over a function there?

Blue_Oyster_Cult_1977Q 3. Toho Co. Ltd. is a diversified media concern whose income mainly stems from _______ movies and other similar character apart from generating millions through annually licensing the _______ name and likeness for movies, music, toys, posters and other tie-ins. For example, the rock band Blue Oyster Cult paid an undisclosed licensing fee to use ________’s copyrighted roar in its 1977 hit song, “_________”. While the lawyers at Toho aggressively dish out cease and-desist letters, they do however allow for the likeness to be used as long as no one is profiting from it, as with the case of the Mozilla Foundation. What character does Toho Co. Ltd. own? (The blank in the question is the name of the character.)

Q 4. Which modern day English word owes its origin to a latin word meaning “to keep in check”? The use of this word has created a bittersweet experience for people of a particular state recently.

Q 5. His paternal great-grandfather had been a builder of wooden ships, hence the family name, which in Gujarati, means “ship”. His grandfather had subsequently made a great fortune in the shipping business, in part as an agent for British merchant companies in Mumbai, but “lost all of his money” during the Great Depression. He was the first Attorney General of the country to have testified in court. Who?

Q 6. A famous musician whose real name is Joel Zimmerman recently tweeted as follows:


The artist is trying to trademark a specific head-gear he wears during his performances, which has already been patented in over thirty countries, but ______, a famous company has taken legal action after Zimmerman filed for a U.S. trademark last June, as ______’s lawyers claim that their brand is being affected. What is the more popular name of the artist and identify the company suing him?


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