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Get better at drafting for a career in litigation

At the beginning of a career in litigation, good drafting is one of the few things that junior advocates can do to earn the respect of peers and seniors. Is there a method to drafting well? How does one get better at drafting pleadings? We put these questions to a few experienced Delhi-based lawyers. You can listen to what they had to say, in the video below.

All junior law students and young legal professionals must check out the course below. 

It will teach you how to draft the whole range of critical documents involved in civil suits, including plaint documents, written statements, affidavits and much more.

It will also cover the fundamental aspects of civil procedure. Created by expert practitioners, this course will give you a practical understanding of the essential principles of drafting for civil matters, while also explaining the nature and relevance of the documents required at every stage of a typical civil suit.

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